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Articles of Association


The Articles of Association are the guidelines approved by the Department for Education as to how the trust functions. These articles were approved by the Department for Education in 2012.  


These documents are the Master Funding Agreement (MFA) for The Chingford Academies Trust  and the Supplementary Funding Agreements (SFAs) for the schools in our trust.


The Chingford Academies Trust (CAT) has a number of policies that govern how the trust is run. Please see below for a list of our policies that can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the relevant policy.  If you would like paper copies of these policies, please email:  info@chingfordacademiestrust.org.uk 


The Chingford Academies Trust (CAT) is fully committed to complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

We have implemented an Information Governance Framework to ensure that we have the correct policies, procedures, publications and tools to be compliant in each of our schools.  

Please visit the website of each individual school to see how they comply with GDPR and how they ensure the privacy of students, parents and staff at each school. 

The documents (below) relate to the CAT Privacy Notices. Please note this relates to employees (and prospective employees) employed to work for the trust's central team, job applicants for the trust's central team, trustees and visitors to the trust's main offices. For the privacy notices for specific schools, please visit their websites. 

For the main CAT Privacy Notice please click here. For other key documents relating to privacy and GDPR, please see the documents below. 

Finally,  our website uses 'cookies' to help us provide you with a useful and reliable browsing experience and to help us improve our site. For more information about the use of cookies on this site, please click here.